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19 Feb 2021

Buy your elevator parts and enjoy a same-day delivery! For elevator installers, it may sounds like a dream, but the dream is about to come true. This is the promise made by this brand-new marketplace in the elevator field : SHAFTEE.  For those who are not used to the term: a marketplace is defined by the Oxford Languages as the arena of commercial dealings. In our case, a marketplace is a website, possibly an application or mobile version, where sellers (private, professional) or distributors […] Read more

12 Feb 2019
Artificial intelligence in elevators

It has been a few years since we talk about artificial intelligence for our lifts. Today, we would like to clarify the situation. Let’s try to explain what the Artificial intelligence is. To be simple, Artificial intelligence is a new type of computer program. The idea was born in the 50’ but the machines were […] Read more