Buy your elevator parts and enjoy a same-day delivery!

For elevator installers, it may sounds like a dream, but the dream is about to come true.
This is the promise made by this brand-new marketplace in the elevator field : SHAFTEE. 

For those who are not used to the term: a marketplace is defined by the Oxford Languages as the arena of commercial dealings. In our case, a marketplace is a website, possibly an application or mobile version, where sellers (private, professional) or distributors give an online access to their products to buyers. The deal is directly done on the platform, no need to talk, exchange, the buyers pay, and the sellers bank.

Mostly known in  BtoC, we can refer to famous marketplace such as Amazon, Wish or Aliexpress. For  sells privately platforms, there are Vinted, Depop or Gumtree for example.In the industrial field, marketplaces are way less known. Nevertheless, last studies concerning the e-shopping for BtoB, buyers are more receptive on online shopping platforms, that allow them to compare the price and enjoy the largest area of customers that it covers.

“Marketplaces are becoming the place to be. It is recognized as offering more visibility thanks to a lot of daily visits. Being referenced in a web marketplace allows e-sellers to be visible. »

Shaftee set itself a challenge to offer these advantages to the manufacturers and the distributors, but also for the main buyers : installers. This service offered by none competitors allows the installers to obtain their parts as soon as possible. In this sector, most of the time, these parts must be ordered from another European country, delivered a week later or more while the intervention is still pending. 

To solve this problem, SHAFTEE, powered by AO Solutions, centralizes their distributor’s products in different warehouses allowing them to deliver their customers orders within 3 hours or the next day. The customer can also collect his order directly at the Shaftee counter.

Furthermore, SHAFTEE can manage the products conveyance from the moment the client pays the product  on the marketplace, to their delivery address. Sellers no longer have to worry about delivery, a beneficial process for both parts.

Launch planned for spring 2021, the marketplace already registers Fermator, Stingl, Weco, Sanei, Perjes.