General questions

What is Elevator Business ?

Elevator Business is a Marketplace specialized on the elevator industry. It allows his exhibitors to show spare parts or complete devices.

How to register my company ?

You can register your company for free by following the link below : Register my company. At first, only basic information will be required. Afterwards, you will be able to add more information in your My account section.

What products can I find or exhibit on Elevator Business ?

On Elevator Business you will find all types of elevators, freight elevators, escalators, moving walkways, elevators for people with reduced mobility, automatic barriers and parking doors, as well as their components.

All components or spare parts are integrated in a directory sorted by categories. Each category lists subcategories that classify products.

All products are assigned to filters, specific to each.

How much does the monthly subscription cost ?

Elevator Business has 3 types of subscriptions.

  • The “SERVICE PROVIDER” subscription, at 39 € per month. 2 catalogs and 5 products online.
  • The “MANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR” subscription, at 179 € per month. 10 catalogs and 1000 products online.
  • The “MARKETPLACE” subscription, at 479 € per month. As many catalogs and products online as you want.
    In addition, you benefit from a quarterly newsletter.


You will find more information on the page OUR OFFERS.

How can I pay for my subscription as a company ?

The principle is the same as an online order. You pay directly with a credit card in order to renew the subscription. Elevator business does not keep any banking data, these are stored on the secure servers of our Stripe payment system. Of course, you can suspend your subscription at any time.

How to change my subscription ?

If you have subscribed to a offer, you have the option to modify or cancel it at any time in your space : MY SUBSCRIPTION.

The subscription change is effective immediately, we advise you to make this change just before the end of your current subscription.

Why is my company badly positioned in the directory ?

There may be several reasons.

The first reason is that your company is only registered on Elevator Business and not a customer and therefore can not get priority in the directory.

The second reason is related to the catalogs and products you added. Indeed, our search algorithm prioritizes companies with the most catalogs and products online.

How to add a product not found on Elevator Business ?

Really good question ! All this is included in your subscription, you just have to give us the name of the product (example: Door lock) and the technical characteristics to make filters (example: Weight, Width, Force, Material, etc …).

You can send us this information at the following email address :

My company has a lot of products, is it possible to add them all at once ?

It is quite possible to add a multitude of products at once. For this, we invite you to get closer to our technical department with the number of products to integrate.

You can send us this information on the following email address:

Is it easy to cancel my subscription ?

To cancel your subscription, simply go to your MY SUBSCRIPTION space and cancel your current subscription.

If I cancel my subscription, do my catalogs and products disappear?

All your information is backed up (company, products, catalogs, distribution networks, etc.), as long as you do not delete your account. However, your catalogs and products will no longer be accessible to Elevator Business visitors.

AO Digital – Additional services

What is AO Digital?

AO Digital is our digital communication agency. Our web and elevator expertise are joining together to bring you a unique vision for your project projects.

What services do you offer ?

We carry out Emailing Campaigns, Press Releases, Banners, Homepage Skins, Slideshows, Websites, Catalogs or Brochures and Professional Videos.

You will find further information on this page : ADDITIONAL SERVICES.

May my company benefit from these services ?

Each company subscribing to the services offered by Elevator Business can benefit from additional services.