19 Feb 2021

Buy your elevator parts and enjoy a same-day delivery! For elevator installers, it may sounds like a dream, but the dream is about to come true. This is the promise made by this brand-new marketplace in the elevator field : SHAFTEE.  For those who are not used to the term: a marketplace is defined by the Oxford Languages as the arena of commercial dealings. In our case, a marketplace is a website, possibly an application or mobile version, where sellers (private, professional) or distributors […] Read more

24 Sep 2019
15 Apr 2019
Worldwide exhibitions of the elevator and the escalator industry

Driven by the dynamism of the global market, a lot of new exhibitions specializing in elevators and escalators appear around the world. A strong demand from elevator installers to be able to meet the different local suppliers also encourages the organization of this type of event. It is also an opportunity for component manufacturers to […] Read more

12 Feb 2019
Artificial intelligence in elevators

It has been a few years since we talk about artificial intelligence for our lifts. Today, we would like to clarify the situation. Let’s try to explain what the Artificial intelligence is. To be simple, Artificial intelligence is a new type of computer program. The idea was born in the 50’ but the machines were […] Read more

18 Oct 2018

It is only a prototype but it could be the future of the elevator. A lead that only OTIS, one of the big 4 is exploring. They worked on this project with GREMI, a mixed laboratory of the CNRS and an university in Orléans. It is an hybrid elevator that works with solar panels located […] Read more

18 Oct 2018

It was nearly transparent but in 2017, 2 years after Mitsubishi, Hitachi made the fastest elevator in the world. Let’s enjoy this opportunity to look this speed race again. In 1931: Otis. Elevators of the Empire State Building reach 7,1 m/s. They keep the title of the fastest for a long time. The tower itself […] Read more