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Buy your elevator parts and enjoy a same-day delivery! For elevator installers, it may sounds like a dream, but the dream is about to come true. This is the promise made by this brand-new marketplace in the elevator field : SHAFTEE.  For those who are not used to the term: a marketplace is defined by the Oxford Languages as the arena of commercial dealings. In our case, a marketplace is a website, possibly an application or mobile version, where sellers (private, professional) or distributors give an online access to their products to buyers. The deal is directly done on the platform, no need to talk, exchange, the buyers pay, and the sellers bank. Mostly known in  BtoC, we can refer to famous marketplace such as Amazon, Wish or Aliexpress. For  sells privately platforms, there are Vinted, Depop or Gumtree for example.In the industrial field, marketplaces are way less known. Nevertheless, last studies concerning the e-shopping for BtoB, buyers are more receptive on online shopping platforms, that allow them to compare the price and enjoy the largest area of customers that it covers. “Marketplaces are becoming the place to be. It is recognized as offering more visibility thanks to a lot of daily visits. Being referencedREAD MORE
interlift 2019: Organizer AFAG continues to expand service offers for exhibitors and visitors / Arrival: reductions through partnerships with the Lufthansa Group und Deutscher Bahn (German rail) Augsburg – In 2019 the interlift organizer AFAG is offering more services than ever before to visitors from all over the world. In addition to the shuttle bus lines from Munich airport and main train station in Augsburg, a further connection to the bus station in Munich (near the main train station) will also be set up. All three lines bring trade fair visitors non-stop directly to the interlift. The timetables will be available online as a download from September at the latest. Convenient for exhibitors: the new Online Service Center From February 2019 interlift exhibitors can conveniently arrange all the services for their trade fair participation via a new online system. Technical services, furnishings and booth equipment, flooring material, cleaning and wasteREAD MORE
Worldwide exhibitions of the elevator and the escalator industry
Driven by the dynamism of the global market, a lot of new exhibitions specializing in elevators and escalators appear around the world. A strong demand from elevator installers to be able to meet the different local suppliers also encourages the organization of this type of event. It is also an opportunity for component manufacturers to offer their products to complete device suppliers. In the end, trade shows are a real source of business opportunities in an industry that is always evolving and which analysts promise bright days ahead. But what exactly are the benefits of exhibiting in these exhibitions ? Get new customers The first contact you will make with your client is a face-to-face appointment. Increase sales An effective product or service demo will make your company known and boost sales on certain products. Retain customers There is nothing better than a warm welcome on your stand, for aREAD MORE
Artificial intelligence in elevators
It has been a few years since we talk about artificial intelligence for our lifts. Today, we would like to clarify the situation. Let’s try to explain what the Artificial intelligence is. To be simple, Artificial intelligence is a new type of computer program. The idea was born in the 50’ but the machines were not powerful enough to make it work. We have to wait until 1990 to see Watson of IBM (an artificial intelligence program) win against a world class chess champion. In those programs, human do not control everything, the software analyse and chose its own actions. More recently, we proved that the software could learn by himself, it is called the “Machine Learning”. Examples are usually given to the software and from those examples, it can calculate and generate a result. For less than 10 years, it goes even further with the “Deep Learning”. The softwareREAD MORE
It is only a prototype but it could be the future of the elevator. A lead that only OTIS, one of the big 4 is exploring. They worked on this project with GREMI, a mixed laboratory of the CNRS and an university in Orléans. It is an hybrid elevator that works with solar panels located on the top of its building and with a fuel cell. Thanks to that fuel cell, we can work without any battery which contain toxic metals like plumb. The fuel cell works thanks to the generation of a tension by the oxidation of hydrogen on an electrode and the reduction on the other electrode of an oxidant such as oxygen. Why is it interesting ? Because the hydrogen stored on solid form takes only a few space. The chemical reaction is clean because it only produce water. In the end, we have a battery 3READ MORE
INTERLIFT continues to grow: The world's largest Elevator exhibition sets new visitor records. Augsburg - It seems that there is only one direction for INTERLIFT, the top! Since 1991, AFAG (the organizers of the exhibition) has always witnessan increase of the exhibitors and visitors visits. In addition to the record of 574 exhibitors at the exhibition, a new record stands with 21,260 visitors, 60% of whom come from abroad. In total, more than 114 countries were represented during this show, another record. The good atmosphere in the halls was not only due to the mild weather. It was mainly due to the current good economic situation of the sector, according to data from the Gelszus Trade Fair Market Research. Indeed, the future of the sector is even more promising than two years ago. 34% (21% in 2015) expect a net increase of the sector, for a total of 71% whichREAD MORE
Partout en Europe, les opérateurs téléphoniques modernisent leur réseaux pour permettre un meilleur transfert des données sur Internet. En ce sens, des tests approfondis en VoIP (technologie qui permet de délivrer des communications vocales via le réseau Internet - IP) sur fibre optique ont été réalisés à Palaiseau en 2013. Il a ainsi été démontré que cette nouvelle technologie ne prenait pas en charge les méthodes actuelles de transfert de données sur les lignes analogiques, comme le DTMF (tonalités générées pendant la communication établie), mode de transfert de données à ce jour utilisé pour la téléalarme d’ascenseur. Selon la Norme Européenne EN81-28 (Téléalarme pour ascenseurs et ascenseurs de charge), il est nécessaire d’identifier l’appel, qu’il soit vocal, technique ou de test périodique, et de l’acquitter après traitement. Pour ce faire, des échanges DTMF sont réalisés entre la Téléalarme et le centre de réception d’appels. Puisque à ce jour, la VoIPREAD MORE
It was nearly transparent but in 2017, 2 years after Mitsubishi, Hitachi made the fastest elevator in the world. Let’s enjoy this opportunity to look this speed race again. In 1931: Otis. Elevators of the Empire State Building reach 7,1 m/s. They keep the title of the fastest for a long time. The tower itself remained the highest in the world until 1967. In 1972: Otis. For the second time, Otis elevators became the fastest with The World Trade Center of New York with a speed of 10,2 m/s. The towers themselves are the highest until 1974, with their 415 meters high. These towers are then dethroned by the Willis Tower in Chicago, equipped with Schindler elevators at 8.1 m / s, so they are not the fastest in the world. In the same way, the Petronas Tower, champions of height from 1998 to 2004 will be equipped with OtisREAD MORE